Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops are quickly becoming a popular feature in modern interior design. Concrete countertops work well in kitchens, islands, bathrooms and wet or dry bars and provide both beauty and durability that will last.

Concrete countertops can be cast in any shape or color, with marbling and textures to give it the look and feel of natural stone. Surfaces can be smooth, matte or textured, and edges can be sculpted to fit your space and match your decor. Custom features such as sinks and drainboards can be molded right into the countertop for a one-piece, custom solution that is both beautiful and functional.

Because each concrete countertop is cast in a custom mold, each project is uniquely one-of-a-kind. Concrete countertops and accessories are designed and molded specifically to fit spaces in your home.

Concrete countertops are more environmentally friendly than granite, marble and other stone surfaces since there is less wasted material compared to cutting from a slab. Concrete materials can also be sourced locally, helping to keep the costs generally lower than stone surfaces. Concrete also allows for uniform consistency throughout the countertop to make it more solid and durable for everyday use.